May 30, 2024

BREADCRUMB and ROSETTA projects join forces for a Sustainable Food Systems

There exists a complex interconnection between food marketing regulations and the significant challenge of food wastage. Different regulations are present across various sectors and levels of authority, impacting food waste in nuanced ways.  BREADCRUMB project with the expertise of ROSETTA aim to address this specific issue effectively.

ROSETTA focuses on reducing food waste related to marketing standards, while BREADCRUMB’s objective is to create a comprehensive inventory of both private and public food marketing standards, understand their purpose and impact, and develop strategies to minimize food wastage. This holistic approach involves empirical research, modeling techniques, and proposing solutions to adjust current standards. Additionally, BREADCRUMB aims to broaden market access for “suboptimal” foods, help businesses select appropriate marketing channels, and alter consumer perceptions. By joining forces, ROSETTA and BREADCRUMB strive towards a common goal of enhancing sustainability and efficiency within the food system. These initiatives seek to fully comprehend food marketing standards, establish a factual foundation, grasp the underlying mechanisms, enhance access to suboptimal foods, and successfully implement project results.

Follow the trail to innovation and discovery with projects BREADCRUMB and ROSETTA as they guide us towards a future dedicated to planetary preservation and eco-consciousness!