Related projects:


ROSETTA is an EU-funded project under the Horizon Europe Programme committed to exploring the relationship between food waste and marketing standards. The project aims to pioneer sustainable solutions and transform our approach to food resources as we comprehend and quantify the influence of marketing standards on food waste. Our primary objectives include the development of alternative marketing models, a mission we aim to achieve through 5 pilot cases (Ireland, Spain, Poland, Greece and Denmark). By leveraging these real-world scenarios, we aim to provide practical insights that will not only benefit businesses but also form recommendations for policy makers, marketing standards owners and regulators.

ZeroW project

the ZeroW project is launching to help the transition of current food systems towards halving Food Loss & Waste (FLW) by 2030 and reaching a near-zero level by 2050 by 1) Developing data-driven applications to reduce Food Loss & Waste throughout the supply chain from pre-harvest, production, processing, wholesale & retail to consumption; 2) Creating systemic innovation through 9 living labs across the EU; 3) Making policy recommendations for the EU.

Chorizo project

CHORIZO project aims to improve the understanding of how social norms influence behaviour and FLW generation and use this knowledge to improve the effectiveness of decision-making and engagement of food chain actors, towards zero food waste.

Wasteless project

The WASTELESS project will develop and test a mix of innovative tools and methodologies for Food Loss and Waste (FLW) measurement and monitoring, will recommend a harmonised methodological Framework for FLW quantification, and will develop a decision support systemic Toolbox targeting all food value chain stakeholders. Additionally, WASTELESS will carry on research activities concerning innovative processes and streams to valorise unavoidable FLW.

Folou project

FOLOU is a EU funded project, bringing knowledge and consensus to prevent and reduce Food Loss at the primary production stage.


The SISTERS project aims to reduce food loss and waste in the main stages of the Food Value Chain in Europe through innovations targeted to each stage of the chain: New tools for primary producers for promoting direct and Short Chain sales; new technological innovations in packaging for processors and retailers; and awareness campaigns for retailers and consumers on food loss and waste. It will be a key EU project addressing the problem in a holistic way, reducing Food Loss & Waste by 27.4% and CO2 emissions by around 20% in the case studies.